Plan Your Meeting

When you choose Portland, you can count on professional, enthusiastic assistance that starts the minute the meeting is confirmed and continues through the closing session. Our complimentary services include:

  • Site visits, including venue and hotel visits;
  • Entertainment, private dining and off-site event facility suggestions;
  • Service requests sent to the Travel Portland partner database;
  • Acting as a liaison between meeting planner and hotels, event venues and suppliers;
  • Suggestions for spouse/youth/children’s activities;
  • Pre- and post-convention tour and activity suggestions;
  • Guide to Portland-area banquet and meeting facilities; and
  • Computerized Passkey housing service.

Our M&C Gold Service Award-winning team (11 years running!) does everything it takes to save you money and make your event a success. What’s more, our hotels and suppliers are happy to collaborate to build a package that works for you.

Pre-conference marketing

note – this needs to be redistributed back into promotional materials, and elsewhere…

  • Depending on your group size, Travel Portland will staff the attendance promotion booth at your convention the year prior to your event in our city
  • Travel Portland logo
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  • Online tools
    • A customizable pre-conference e-newsletter that you can send to your delegates (please allow two-month lead time)
    • To link your page to, simply place the logo graphic on your page (see details above) and set the <a href> link to Here’s the exact code to use: <a href= TARGET=”_blank”>[IMAGE]</a>

Request Assistance

We would love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail at, call us at 1.800.962.3700.

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