Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a list of the major annual events and festivals in Portland?
Yes we do! Portland loves its festivals just as much as any other city … perhaps more, if you judge by the dozens of events that populate downtown’s Waterfront Park every summer. Here’s a list of the festivals that keep the city busy year ’round.
Could you provide me with a list of restaurants?
Visit our Partner Directory for a comprehensive list of restaurants and other business services. Yelp also maintains comprehensive information on hundreds of Portland restaurants.
Could you provide me with a list of restaurants with private dining?
Download our list of restaurants with private dining [pdf]
Could you provide me with a list of restaurants on the MAX line?
Download our list of restaurants near MAX stops [pdf]
What is there to eat within walking distance of OCC?
Take a look at OCC’s Dining Guide [pdf]
How does MAX work? (Or, more specifically, how does one ride MAX? And how do you get from downtown hotels to OCC?) And can you give me a map with the stops on it?
Where can I find some local photos for my conference marketing materials?
Travel Portland has collected a selection of rights-free images for use in promoting your event. See also our Promotional Materials section.
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    The OCC is the largest convention center in the Pacific Northwest, making it an ideal venue for conventions, industry trade shows, meetings and banquets.

  • New Hotels

    See 12+ Portland hotels opening 2017-19

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    Find all the local resources you need, from florists to printers, in our directory of more than 750 partner businesses.

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