Travel Portland’s housing services department can assist with your housing fulfillment and contractual block obligations, saving you money — and saving you time to focus on other details.

Hands-off, full-service solution:

  • Block monitoring, reservation support and tracking all included
  • Customizable website available for group and bookings
  • Real-time event reporting via website and/or e-mail updates
  • Lanyon Passkey system

Block monitoring:

  • Real-time block monitoring to ensure adequate coverage for peak and shoulder nights
  • Identification of quick-filling and struggling hotel blocks
  • Concentrated sales efforts to fill slow pickup hotels
  • Assistance determining number of complimentary rooms earned through performance

Reservation support:

  • Portland-based housing team provides local knowledge and city recommendations
  • Personal experience and visits with contracted hotels
  • On-the-ground reservation troubleshooting
  • Issue resolution
  • Pre- and post-travel reservations

Cost-effective solution:

  • No out-of-pocket costs for host organization
  • Hotels pay $4 per room per night booking fee, per planner-negotiated contract