Travel Portland’s M&C Gold Service Award-winning team (11 years running!) does everything it takes to save you money and make your event a success. Not only are Portland’s hotels and suppliers eager to collaborate on a package that works for you, but the team at Travel Portland offers a host of services — all at no cost to you.

Complimentary services

  • Site visits, including venue and hotel visits.
  • Entertainment, private dining and off-site event facility suggestions.
  • Service requests sent to the Travel Portland partner database.
  • Liaison between planner and hotels, event venues and suppliers.
  • Suggestions for spouse/youth/children’s activities.
  • Pre- and post-convention tour and activity suggestions.
  • Guide to Portland-area banquet and meeting facilities.
  • Computerized Passkey housing service.

Pre-conference marketing

Additional Resources

Use these quick links to city permits and licenses to plan special events in Portland.

Request assistance

Is there anything else we can do for you? Please contact the Convention Services team. We’re here to help!